Service Contract – Garage Sale Event

I, Fábio …. hereinafter referred to as Contracted, CPF No. 138 …… and Mr./Mr. ______________________________________________________ CPF No. ________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "the contractor") hereby decide to formalize this service agreement with validity on the days indicated for the event, finalized shortly after the closing date of the event.
1) The event will occur on days _______ and _______, time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the address of the contractor ________________________________________ ________________________________. It can be extended if both decide.
2) The Contractor is responsible for the movement of items, ie take the furniture and items to the venue, lower parts of upper floors, if any, to the location of the event.
3) Removal of the location of the items that will not be sold, documents, keys or any other item that is in the place.
4) Prices will be labeled and placed on the parts that will be sold by the Contractor, the Contractor can help by suggesting prices for the parts. When prices are placed they can not be rescheduled unless it is reduced to facilitate the sale.
5) The organization of the parts will be carried out by the Contractor, and the Contractor may assist if he wishes.
6) The commission for the sale of the items will be (____) 20%, the Contractor being responsible for the payment of the helpers, food, transportation, banners, e-mail marketing, newspaper ads and any other expenses presented to the Event, or (____) 25%, all of the above expenses being borne by the Contractor. The commission amount will not be negotiable. Do you accept the use of credit card? Yes () no (), if so, will be increased 5% of the value in all items and our commission will be 30% on items sold per card.
7) The responsibility for the withdrawal and freight of any item of the event will be of the customer.
8) The Contractor must inform if the item is working perfectly or not. The full responsibility of the same is the return of money if the item is returned by default.
9) The Contractor will make a video of the items that will be sold, the same will be disclosed among the customers. When the photos are taken to produce the video, no item can be removed from the event under any pretext. Should this occur the commission will be due + 10% fine will be charged. And the Contractor will have to explain to any client who makes a complaint. We urge you to avoid this procedure because customers are furious when this occurs and they are correct.
10) The Contractor will inform the customers that the items are withdrawn by the end time of the event, in case it is not possible to withdraw a label will be placed on the item with the name and phone number of the customer that bought it. We will call the contractor to mark with the client the day and time for withdrawal. The responsibility for delivery (not transportation) will be entirely the responsibility of the Contractor.
11) When the sale is of items that need to be disassembled, furniture type, the responsibility is of the customer including the freight and reassembly.
12) When it is a construction item type: door, window, gate, etc. The Contractor shall have full responsibility for delivery to the customer (not transportation), being the decision to disassemble the items between the Contractor and Customer, deciding who will pay the mason and the date of delivery, if the item Break or crack in the disassembly, they will decide between themselves what will happen. The Contractor will have no responsibility at the end of the event, we are only responsible for the sale.
13) The Contractor will make the payment at the end of the event, being able to pay the value of the sales by the card within a period of up to 7 working days, being able to pay beforehand if he wishes.
14) Any item sold will be noted and informed of the type of sale, ie cash, card or bank transfer. All notes will remain with the Contractor for future verification if desired.
15) The Contract has no responsibility for the total sale of the items. There are always items left in any event, whether they are spoiled, out of fashion, prices, color, event location, etc.
16) The Contractor has a shed in the South Lake where some items left over from the event are taken, but the decision to take it or not is from the Contractor and mainly from the Contractor that will say if such item can be taken to the place or not. The freight will be at the expense of the Employer.
17) The Contractor shall not be liable for broken or missing items before, during or after the event.
18) It is forbidden to place banners on public roads, we will put one in front of the place and if possible in other places not prohibited. If the contractor insists on the placement of tracks the total responsibility will be his/her. Fines of AGEFIS or any other punishment.
19) The contractor's full civil, criminal and financial liability is for sale items seized by the court, third parties or having any legal impediments.
And, being fair and contracted, in full compliance with all clauses and conditions stipulated, they sign this particular instrument in two (2) ways of equal content and form, so that it produces the same legal effects,
BSB, __________________________
Fabio ....... - Hired


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