What is a garage sale event?
Garage sale or Yard sale is a traditional North American event. Made on the lawn or garage for sale of items in general that are no longer useful to the owner. They are exposed to neighbors and customers who wish to "pan" items that might be useful to them.

Prices are what we call "fair", which is the price that the owner agrees to sell and the price that the customer is willing to pay. Items are taken on time and "in-state" by customers. Electronics and home appliances are tested on time and have no warranty on the part of the seller if he / she reports if there is any defect before the sale. Small items such as CDs and cars are sold during the event.
Garage Sale is an event very different from the sale in used stores, fairs, antique stores, art galleries, Internet sales (OLX). In the locations described above a price is set and one is waiting for a buyer, who can arrive in one (1) hour or even never arrive to buy that item. They are above average prices because of the issuance of invoices, rent, taxes, freights, guarantees, etc. In OLX and Mercado Livre, you can notice the difference of prices announced, just observe the date of the announcement of the item and you will see that the price is pure fantasy or is being advertised to facilitate the sale of the same item in another advertisement of the seller with The actual market price.
The prices practiced at Garage Sales events are differentiated, the customer does not have time to wait for the sale and needs to sell as fast as possible. Does not offer invoice, warranty (the parts are sold in the state), freight and nor divided in '10 times'. The sale needs to be quick as well as withdrawal. The event lasts only two (2) days. Thus the "fair" prices, prices accepted by the seller and buyer, are practiced. Generally around 50% of the price of a new one at the moment and not in the prices paid, the same may have lowered a lot after the purchase. Some items may remain after the event, perhaps due to price, quality, fashion, state of conservation, etc.
In the Federal District due to the great mobility of the population, change of state, country, house to apartment, large apartment for a small, move to Flat furnished, garage sale event became very popular among the population. We observed several events occurring weekly in the DF. We have some companies specialized in the accomplishment of the event, we are the only one registered and with CNPJ in the DF. We have several "curious" kids playing to organize these events and giving damage to the contractors. We still have "businesses" circumventing the law, that is, they buy very cheap items from other states or customers they visit, rent a residence for the event, and "resell" purchased items without taxes.

NOTE: We will never give their names, if you wish to know just attend the events held during the week.
We are the TRADITIONAL GARAGE SALE , that is, we organize the event in the residence of the client and all items belong to them. We do not rent space to resell items.

We have a shed on our land in the South Lake where some items not sold during the event are taken by the contractors to continue the sale because many need to deliver the house or apartment, need to travel and have nowhere to store such items. All items are on consignment in place until the final sale. The place is also used by clients who have "few" items to carry out an event at their residence, so they take them to our place and leave them on consignment where we hold an event with all items from several customers.
Read our contract and see how the event works.
Any questions please contact us:
Fábio Pereira - 61-99984-5619 (live and WhatsApp), 61-3366-4899 (fixed)


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